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We're Atlanta's Voice For Progress.

Change Can't Wait. Neither Should You.

Joining any organization can be weird and intimidating. We thought this page would be a great place to get you up to speed on our culture and what to expect.

We talk about what's going on in the city and present core items. Sometimes we're fortunate enough to have a guest speaker or presenter.

We also let members make announcements about their own community initiatives.

Anyone can come to our general meetings. Bring your family and friends - our meetings are fun, strategic discussions anyone can participate in.

We have a short vetting process before you officially become a member - we want to make sure that we've got common values and expectations as we move together.

This is usually an interview with one of our core organizers that's about 45 minutes long.

When You Arrive

Right now our meetings are online, but we eagerly expect to be meeting in person regularly once our current health crisis has tapered.

Our Meetings

Our meetings are about an hour and a half. We manage discussions using Progressive Stack - if you want to talk, raise your hand and the facilitator will call on you.

Get Connected!

The fastest way for you to get involved is to join a Working Group. You'll be added to a group that's working on one of the projects you saw at our meeting.


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We'll keep you in the loop about our work so that you can share the word, stay in the know, or plug in when you're ready. Becoming a subscriber also gives you the ability to communicate your values to us.

We're happy to be a vital part of Atlanta's coalition for jobs and justice, and a vital part of America's effort to retire the capitalist economy and create one by and for working people.

We're enthusiastic about mutual aid, housing justice, and labor and tenant organizing.

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