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South Fulton Community Garden

We've been learning about the ways community gardens empower the community by creating a space for people to work together, feeding the community fresh fruits and vegetables, and organizing the people power we’ll need to adapt to climate change. 

We also learned the SMCG produces over 100lbs of food a week and has produced over 13,000lbs of food to date!

Justice At Macon State Prison

The conditions at Macon State Prison couldn't possibly be worse. 

Underfunded and abused, we are seeing more and more heinous atrocities.

We're using our extensive connections in the area to make sure this isn't just a campaign that exists inside the perimeter, but really draw citizen on the ground, create media attention and pressure the state in the real world.

Get Organized!

We're recruiting writers, artists, developers and more to join our work. This isn't going to happen without you! Let's meet and get to work.

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