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We're Atlanta's Voice For Progress.

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Member Run, Member Led, Member Funded.

We love donations and are happy to ask for them, but our ultimate measure of success is when regular people join our work.

For The People, Not Politicians.

We believe in finding real victories that inspire working people to stand up for themselves at their jobs, and stand together as a society.

Change Starts Inside All Of Us.

Reversing centuries of racism, sexism, and transphobia will only come through education and action.

Lasting political change only comes from cultural change. Not the culture of what we watch on TV, but from the culture of how we treat each other.

Here's What We're Doing.

Mosaic's Reading List

Be challenged, inspired, and changed. This is Mosaic Atlanta's reading list.


We're always thankful for your support. It helps us print literature, rent physical spaces, and provide people with the tools to serve.

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Let's Talk About You.

We're a socialist organization that hopes to get people involved in transforming their communities and themselves for the better.

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Are you new here? Click this link and we'll talk about our values, culture, and what to expect while you're here.

About Us

Who we are, where we're from, and the journey ahead.


Where can you see us next? This is our event calendar and will always keep you up to date.


Local campaigns are how we demonstrate our values to the city. Members work together to start campaigns, and we work together to achieve them.

Member Area

Our member portal has exclusive access to our blog, video sessions, and is a central place to access things that matter most.

Next Steps

This page is about everything you can do in Mosaic. You can subscribe, become a member, attend meetings, or start a group of your own!


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There's always more to do - we help working people fight for better conditions at work and at home.

We'll keep you in the loop about our work so that you can share the word, stay in the know, or plug in when you're ready.

Whether it's social events, support groups, or online community, we'll also give you the interpersonal support you need to make it during a time of very weird changes in the city.

We're happy to be a vital part of Atlanta's coalition for jobs and justice, and a vital part of America's effort to retire the capitalist economy and create one by and for working people.

We're enthusiastic about mutual aid, housing justice, and labor and tenant organizing.

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